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It sure was a busy first 24 hours for AZBL since going live with online and retail sales.

It started with our first online sale shortly after opening our virtual doors, then a second, and a third….

This morning found that we had been selected by Good Food Allies to be featured as part of their Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting. We’re very excited to be part of such a vibrant and supportive food community here in Phoenix.

This afternoon we dropped off some bottles at Pig & Pickle, a hot new restaurant in Scottsdale that is getting rave reviews. Look for Figgy Pudding and Más Mole behind the bar and on their signature menu in Clayton’s variations of the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan.

After that we went by Urban Table at JAM and are so thrilled that Traci and RJ are our first retail partner! Please do go visit and check out all of the artisan products both in the chef’s larder and throughout JAM.

Whew. Time for a drink. Cheers!

Here is a slight modification of an Old Fashioned variant from Fred Yarm’s Drink and Tell: A Boston Cocktail Book.

2 oz Laird’s Applejack 0.25 oz Averna 0.25 oz Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes AZBL Más Mole bitters 1 sugar cube

Drop the cube in a glass and douse with a couple of dashes of bitters. Splash in a bit of Applejack and muddle. Add remaining ingredients along with some ice, stir, strain into a Old Fashioned glass with a single piece of ice. Orange peel for a garnish.


Thank you Phoenix New Times! We’re honored.

Of course we’d like to thank the Academy and all the shots of Fernet that got us here. 😎

Best of 2012 Award for Best Bitters

Tonight’s tipple is Black Lodge: 1.5oz Russell’s Reserve rye, 0.5oz each of Cynar, Cocchi Torino, and Cherry Heering with a dash of AZBL Mesa Orange bitters. Lovely.

Exciting News Alert!!! The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just approved Figgy Pudding as a “non-beverage flavoring extract” under Code of Federal Regulations 27CFR 17.134.

What does that mean?, you ask.

It means that our bitters can be legally sold as a food product, much like vanilla extract.

It also means that Maricopa County Health Dept has jurisdiction instead of the AZ Liquor Board.

Next step is getting our permits from Maricopa County Health and we’ll be ready to produce.